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Can you name the chapter of Broken Saints in which each of these quotes is said?

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He had given his word... and his word was his bond.
God is what we believe. What wakens in the infinite moment. What makes us live with reverence.
This is about sight, children. It is a matter of perspective. Lies are simply truths... from an opposing field of view.
C... 4... C-4... See... Four... I can see... for... ever...
I pray that he'll forgive me... though I know you never will. You're on my skin now. Creeping from my eyes... burning me.
Every faith has its mystics, honey--they just put 'em in different hats.
Is that you, Papa? I had the strangest dream... but I'm awake now.
You seek me, priest? I have what you desire... The keys to Nirvana. But you must bring me the three... the Threat to Unity.
I think that reality is the hardware... that the universe is the most powerful processor imaginable... and that we're all just programs that run on it. Bargain-bin Sims.
The story changes. I'm Jonah... swallowed by a great and terrible whale... only to conspire in its belly.

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