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Australia- Army
2/17th Battalion, 20th Brigade (Tobruk, Libya, April 1941) 
2/5th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (Merdjayoun, Lebanon, June 1941) 
2/31st Battalion, 25th Brigade (Near Jezzine, Lebanon, July 1941) 
2/19th Battalion, 22nd Brigade (Muar River, Malaya, January 1942) 
2/48th Battalion, 26th Brigade (Tel el Eisa, Egypt, July 1942) 
2/14th Battalion, 21st Brigade (Isurava, Kokoda Track, Papua, August, 1942) 
2/9th Battalion, 18th Brigade (Milne Bay, Papua, September 1942) 
2/48th Battalion, 26th Brigade (El Alamein, Egypt, October 1942) 
2/48th Battalion, 26th Brigade (El Alamein, Egypt, October 1942) 
2/25th Battalion, 25th Brigade (near Nabzab, New Guinea, September, 1943) 
2/48th Battalion, 26th Brigade (Sattelberg, New Guinea, November, 1943) 
25th Battalion, 7th Brigade (Bougainville, March, 1945) 
2/2nd Battalion, 16th Brigade (Dagua, New Guinea, March, 1945) 
2/3rd Pioneer Battalion (Tarakan Island, East Indies, May, 1945) 
2/4th Battalion, 19th Brigade (near Wewak, Papua, May 1945) 
2/43rd Battalion, 24th Brigade (near Beaufort, British North Borneo, June, 1945) 
8th Battalion, 23rd Brigade (Bougainville, July, 1945) 
Australia- Air Force
5 Squadron RAF (Bristol Blenheim over Bremen, Germany, July 1941) 
149 Squadron RAF (Short Stirling over Turin, Italy, November, 1942) 
22 Squadron, RAAF (Douglas Boston over Salamaua, New Guinea, March, 1943) 
Canada- Army
Winnipeg Grenadiers (Mount Butler, Hong Kong, December 1941) 
Canadian Chaplain Services, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Dieppe, France, August 1942) 
C/O South Saskatchewan Regiment (Dieppe, France, August, 1942) 
Royal 22e Régiment (Casa Berardi, Italy, December, 1943) 
1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment (Arakan, Burma, February, 1944) 
Westminster Regiment (River Melfa, Italy, May, 1944) 
South Alberta Regiment (Falaise, Normandy, August, 1944) 
Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (River Savio, Italy, October, 1944) 
Essex Scottish Regiment (Hochwald Forest, Germany, March, 1945)  
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (Rhine, Germany, March, 1945) 
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada (Mooshof, Germany, February, 1945) 
Canada- Navy
Commander, HMS Walney, Royal Navy (Oran, Algeria, November, 1942) 
Fleet Air Arm (Vought Corsair, Onagawa, Japan, August, 1945) 
Canada- Air Force
419 Squadron RCAF (Avro Lancaster over Cambrai, France, June, 1944) 
Consolidated Canso captain, 162 Squadron RCAF (Faroes, Atlantic, June, 1944) 
635 Squadron RAF (pathfinder Avro Lancaster over V-1 rocket storage caves at Trossy St. Maximin, France, August, 1944) 
Channel Islands
2nd Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (Tebourba, Tunisia, December, 1942 
Special Boat Service (Commachio Lagoon, Italy, April, 1945) 
England- Navy
HMS Glowworm (Vestfjorden, Norway, April 1940) 
HMT Arab (Namsos, Norway, May 1940) 
HMS Foylebank (Portland Harbour, July, 1940) 
HMS Jervis Bay (Atlantic, November, 1940) 
HMS Coventry (South of Crete, May 1941) 
HM Submarine Upholder (South of Sicily, May 1941) 
25 Naval Air Squadron (Fairy Swordfish, 'Channel Dash' Straits of Dover, February 1942) 
HM Submarine Thrasher (South of Crete, February, 1942) 
HM Submarine Thrasher (South of Crete, February, 1942) 
HMS Li Wo (Java Sea,February 1942) 
leader of raid (St Nazaire Raid, March 1942) 
MGB 314 (St Nazaire Raid, March 1942) 
HMS Onslow (convoy of North Cape, December, 1942) 
Midget Submarine X.6 (Altafjord, North Norway, September, 1943) 
Midget Submarine X7 (Altafjord, North Norway, September, 1943) 
Midget Submarine XE-3 (Straits of Johore, July 1945) 
England- Army
2nd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry (River Dyle, Belgium, May, 1940) 
1st Battalion, Welsh Guards (Arras, France, May 1940) 
1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards (River Escaut, Belgium, May, 1940) 
East Surrey Regiment/ Somaliland Camel Corps (Somaliland, August 1940)  
1st Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps (Sidi Rezegh, Libya, November, 1941) 
3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (Sidi Rezegh, Libya, November, 1941) 
4th Royal Tank Regiment (Tobruk, Libya, November, 1941) 
Royal Engineers, No.1 Commando (St.Nazaire Raid, March, 1942) 
Essex Regiment, No.1 Commando(St.Nazaire Raid, March, 1942) 
9th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry (Mersa Matruh, Egypt, June, 1942) 
7th Royal Tank Regiment (Gazala, Libya, June 1942) 
The Rifle Brigade (El Aqqaqir, Western Desert, Egypt, October 1942) 
7th Battalion, The Green Howards (Mareth Line, Tunisia, March, 1943) 
5th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment (Wadi Akarit, Tunisia, April 1943) 
8th Battalion, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Longstop Hill, Tunisia, April 1943) 
Irish Guards (Djebel Bou Azoukaz, Tunisia, April 1943) 
Loyal Regiment (Guiriat El Atach, Tunisia, April, 1943) 
3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards (Salerno, Italy, September 1943) 
1/6th Battalion, Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) (Kyauchaw, Burma, January 1944)  
1st Battalion, London Scottish (Monte Damiano, Italy, January 1944) 
5th Battalion, Grenadier Guards (Anzio, Italy, February 1944) 
South Staffordshire Regiment- Chindits (Henu Block, Burma, March, 1944) 
4th Battalion, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment (Kohima, India, April 1944) 
2nd Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers (Monte Cassino, Italy, May 1944)  
2/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (Monte Cassino, Italy, May 1944) 
2nd Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment (Kohima, India, May 1944) 
2nd Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment (Anzio, Italy, June 1944) 
6th Battalion, The Green Howards (D Day, Normandy, France June 1944) 
1st Battalion, The West Yorkshire Regiment (Ningthoukong, India, June 1944)  
6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles (Pin Hmi Road Bridge, Burma, June, 1944) 
1st Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment (Sourdeval, France, August 1944) 
7th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment (Grimbosq, Normandy, France, August 1944) 
2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Divison (Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944) 
7th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944) 
4th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment (Antwerp, Belgium, September 1944) 
11 Battalion, Parachute Regiment (Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944) 
1st Battalion, The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment (Monte Ceco, Italy, October 1944) 
4th Battalion, The King's Shropshire Light Infantry (Near Overloon, Netherlands, October, 1944) 
Sherwood Foresters (Faenza, Italy, December 1944) 
5th Battalion, The Royal Scots Fusiliers (Roer, Germany, January 1945) 
Royal Army Medical Corps, No. 45 (Royal Marine) Commando (Brachterbeek, Netherlands, January 1945) 
Royal Norfolk Regiment, No.1 Commando (Kangaw, Burma, January, 1945) 
1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Meiktila, Burma, March 1945) 
Corps of Royal Engineers (Talaku, Burma, March 1945) 
5th Battalion, Coldstream Guards (River Ems, Germany, April 1945) 
2nd Battalion, Irish Guards (Wistedt, Germany, April 1945) 
England- Air Force
12 Squadron (Fairey Battle over Albert Canal, Belgium, May, 1940) 
249 Squadron (Hawker Hurricane over Southampton, August, 1940) 
49 Squadron (Handley Page Hampden over Dortmund-Ems Canal, August, 1940) 
62 Squadron (Bristol Blenheim, Alor Star, Malaya, December 1941) 
50 Squadron (Avro Lancaster, Cologne, Grrmany, May 1942) 
617 Squadron (Avro Lancaster over Mohne Dam, Germany, May, 1943) 
218 Squadron (Short Stirling over Turin, Italy, August 1943) 
78 Squadron (Handley Page Halifax over Nuremberg, Germany, March, 1944) 
617 Squadron (De Havilland Mosquito over Munich, April 1944) 
106 Squadron (Avro Lancaster over Schweinfurt, Germany, April 1944) 
109 Squadron (Avro Lancaster over Cologne, Germany, December 1944) 
3rd Battalion, Fiji Infantry Regiment (Bougainville, June 1944) 
5th Battalion, 8th Punjab Regiment (Donbaik, Burma, January 1943) 
6th Rajputana Rifles (Keren, Eritrea, February 1941) 
Indian Engineers, Bombay Sappers and Miners (Gallabat, Abyssinia, September 1940) 
1/11th Sikh Regiment (Maungdaw-Buthidaung Road, Burma, March 1944) 
7th Battalion 10th Baluch Regiment (Meiktila, Burma, March 1944) 
4/6th Rajputana Rifles (Djebel Garci, Tunisia, April 1943) 
9th Jat Regiment (Imphal, India, April 1944) 
3rd Battalion, 8th Punjab Regiment (River Gari, Italy, May 1944) 
5th Mahratta Light Infantry (Upper Tiber Valley, Italy, July 1944) 
2nd Battalion, 1st Punjab Regiment (Kennedy Peak, Burma, November 1944) 
16th Battalion, 10th Baluch Regiment (Arakan, Burma, November 1944) 
Royal Indian Artillery (Kaladan Valley, Burma, December 1944) 
7th Battalion, 16th Punjab Regiment (Kyeyebyin, Kaladan, Burma, January 1945) 
13th Frontier Force Rifles (Kanlan Ywathit, Burma, February 1945) 
15th Punjab Regiment (Kamye-Myingyan Road, Burma, March, 1945) 
4th Battalion, 15th Punjab Regiment (Myingyan, Burma, March 1945) 
6th battalion 13th Frontier Force Rifles (Senio River, Italy, April 1945) 
5th Mahratta Light Infantry (Senio River, Italy, April 1945) 
1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment (Dunkirk, France 1940) 
12 Squadron RAF (Fairey Battle over Albert Canal, Belgium, June 1940) 
1st Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (El Duda, Tobruk, November 1941) 
271 Squadron RAF (Douglas Dakota over Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944) 
Midget Submarine XE-3 (Straits of Johore, July 1945) 
Isle of Man
2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment (Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944) 
1/6th Battalion, King's African Rifles (Kolito, Abyssinia, May 1941) 
1st Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles (Rass-es-Zouai, Tunisia, April 1943) 
2nd Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Chin Hills, Burma, May 1943)  
3rd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles (Mogaung, Burma, June 1944) 
2nd Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Bishenpur, India, June 1944) 
2nd Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Bishenpur, India, June 1944) 
1st Battalion, 7th Gurkha Rifles (Ningthoukhong, India, June 1944) 
1st Battalion, 9th Gurkha Rifles (San Marino, September 1944) 
1st Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Monte Pompegno, Italy, November 1944) 
3rd Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles (near Tamandu, Burma, March 1945) 
4th Battalion, 8th Gurkha Rifles (Taungdaw, Burma, May 1945)  
New Zealand- Army
20th Battalion, 4th Brigade (Kalamata, Greece, April 1941)  
23rd Battalion, 5th Brigade (Crete, May 1941) 
20th Battalion, 4th Brigade (TWICE- Crete, May 1941 & Ruweisat Ridge, Egypt, July 1942) 
22nd Battalion, 5th Brigade (El Alamein, Egypt, July 1942) 
28th (Maori) Battalion (Tegaba Gap, Tunisia, March 1943)  
New Zealand- Air Force
75 Squadron RAF (Vickers Welllington returning from Munster, Germany, July 1941) 
487 Squadron RNZAF (Lockheed Venture over Amsterdam, May 1943) 
200 Squadron RAF (Atlantic, August 1943) 
Scotland- Army
7th Support Group, 7th Armoured Division (Sidi Rezegh, Libya, November 1941) 
Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), Royal Armoured Corps (Beda Littoria, Libya, November 1941)  
2/12th Frontier Force Regiment (Kuantan, Malaya, January 1942)  
Royal Artillery, No.4 Commando (Dieppe Raid, August 1942) 
7th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Wadi Akarit, Tunisia, April 1943) 
1st Battalion, Scots Guards (Dj Bou Arada, Tunisia, April 1943) 
Highland Light Infantry (Taungni, Burma, July 1944) 
2nd Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry (Kervenheim, Germany, March 1945) 
43 Commando (Commacchio Lagoon, Italy, April 1945) 
Scotland- Air Force
83 Squadron (Antwerp, Belgium, Hanley Page Hampden, September 1940) 
22 Squadron (Bristol Beaufort, Brest, France, April 1941) 
61 Squadron (Avro Lancaster, Dusseldorf, Germany, November 1943) 
18 Squadron (Chougui, Tunisia, December 1943) 
210 Squadron (Consolidated Catalina, Atlantic, July 1944)  
9 Squadron (Avro Lancaster, Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany, January 1945)  
Scotland- Navy
HMS Submarine Torbay (off Corfu, Greece, March 1942) 
South Africa- Army
2nd Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment (River Escaut, Belgium, May 1940) 
1st Battalion Royal Natal Carabineers (Alem Hamza, Libya, June 1942) 
1/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (Montegridolfo, Italy, August 1944) 
South Africa- Air Force
44 Squadron (Avro Lancaster, Augsburg, Germany, April 1942) 
582 Squadron (Avro Lancaster, Pforzheim, Germany, February 1945) 
Wales- Navy
HMS Hardy (Narvik, Norway, 1940) 
HM Submarine Turbulent, 1943 (off Sardinia, February 1943) 
HMS Campbelltown (St Nazaire, France, 1943) 
Wales- Army
Welch Regiment (Barfour, Normandy, France, 1944) 
Monmouthshire Regiment (Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany, 1945) 

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