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Can you name the Avatar/Korra Characters by Family Member/s? (Some Spoliers!!!)

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Forced Order
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Grand-Nephew of Queen Hou-Ting
Eldest Daughter of Toph
Wife of Tenzin
Eldest Son of Tenzin
Daughter of Ozai
Sister of Sokka
Father of Desna and Eska
Daughter of Zuko
Twin Cousins of Korra
Maternal Grandfather of Ursa
Step-Grandfather of Sokka and Katara
Youngest Daughter of Tenzin
Youngest Son of San
Daughter of King Kuei
Daughter of Tonraq and Senna
Eldest Daughter of Tenzin
Youngest Daughter of Toph
Brother of Unalaq
Aunt of Desna and Eska
Grandmother of Sokka and Katara
Eldest Son of Aang and Katara
Daughter of Aang and Katara
Youngest Son of Yakone
Son of Mother of Faces
Daughter of Lao and Poppy
Eldest Son of Yakone
Daughter of Chief Arnook
Brother of Iroh
Father of Sokka and Katara
Uncle of Tenzin
Second Son of Suyin
Son of Ozai
Eldest Son of Suyin
Daughter of Hiroshi
Son of Tyro
Son of the Mechanist
Wife of Hakoda
Paternal Grandfather of Ozai
Twin Sons of Suyin
Brother of Bolin
Brother-in-Law of Lin
Daughter of Suyin
Youngest Son of Tenzin
Mother of Zuko and Azula
Father of Ozai
Uncle of Zuko
Son-in-Law of Hakoda
Grandson of Zuko
Youngest Son of Aang and Katara
Husband of Zhu Li

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