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Can you name the four-letter-words in this Zootopia themed word ladder?

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Aspiring bunny cop: ____ Hopps
A group of twelve that gives a verdict
Mad Max: ____ Road
Many Zootopians have coats of these
To give an antidote
To experience for a long time
Pirated movie seller: ____ Weaselton
e.g. Zimmerman or Skywalker
Commonly used Facebook option
Green citrus fruit
To describe or illustrate
Mayor of Zootopia: ____heart
A fool or idiot
British toilets
A roller coaster has its highs and ____
Sounds that cartoon bombs create
What many Zootopians walk on
To progress across an object
Meghan Trainor song: All About That ____
Swamps, but less fertile
Stern police chief: Chief ____
U2 vocalist
Agent 007
A curve in a path or road
Pants holder
Assisstant mayor: ____weather
Collapsed, stumbled
A smooth cloth used commonly in crafts
Like a pancake, or Kansas
A weakness
Donut loving officer: Benjamin ____hauser
A promotional flyer for a book
Necklace component
A bird's pecker
Man who sang 'Loser'
A Zootopian giraffe has this long feature
Hustling, phone-loving fox: ____ Wilde

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