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Can you name the The Facts About (Almost) Everything.... Again?

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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Types of Radiation
Shakespeare's Plays Beginning with 'A'
Operating Systems of Microsoft Windows, 2000 - Onwards (Discluding Server OS)
Worlds Driest Desert (Rainfall)
Worlds Hottest Desert (Highest Recorded Temperature)
Deputy Prime Minister of the UK
Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK
Foreign Secretary of the UK
Monopoly Stations
Top 2 Grossing Films of All Time
Two Wavelengths on the Electromagnetic spectrum with the Lowest Frequency
London Underground Lines (excluding London Overground)
Counties of England beginning with 'S'
Clue: H,K,Q and U (according to NATO)
Three Elements Named after Planets in the Solar System
Colours of the Google Logo
Top 3 Social Networking Sites
****BONUS**** The Only UK Number 1 by Madness

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