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Date of DeathNameAge
January 167 - Journalist
January 185 - Singer
January 2114 - Oldest Living American
January 5110 - Oldest British Man
January 9th78 - Horse Trainer
January 10th88 - Novelist
January 11th93 - Broadcaster
January 11th85 - Former PM of South Vietnam
January 12th115 - Oldest Living Woman
January 14th89 - Actor
January 17th94 - Advice Columnist
January 17th78 - Vice President of Zimbabwe
January 19th92 - Baseball Player
January 20th101 - Japanese Poet
January 21st77 - Director/Food Critic
January 21st89 - Former World Bank President
January 23rd61 - IRA Bomber
January 27th87 - Historian
January 30th94 - Singer
February 1st88 - NYC Mayor
February 4th71 - Lead Singer of The Troggs
February 6th98 - Make-Up Artist
February 10th72 - Ping-Pong Player
February 10th28 - Right-to-Die Activist
February 12th97 - BBC Reporter
February 16th72 - Singer
February 17th79 - Actor
Date of DeathNameAge
February 18th62 - Singer
February 18th83 - Actress
February 21st85 - Scottish Secretary
February 22nd91 - Animator
February 24th95 - TV Executive
February 25th96 - US Surgeon General
February 26th86 - Organist
February 27th89 - Actor
February 27th78 - Pianist
February 28th81 - Train Robber
March 1st69 - Actress
March 2nd68 - Journalist
March 5th58 - Venezuelan President
March 7th82 - Jazz Trumpeter
March 8th90 - Last Valkyrie Conspirator
March 10th91 - Swedish Royal
March 11th33 - Cancer Blogger
March 12th56 - Iron Maiden Drummer
March 13th84 - Actor
March 14th87 - Khmer Rouge Leader
March 14th83 - Country Singer
March 14th87 - British Comedian
March 16th92 - Actor
March 20th89 - Mountaineer
March 20th99 - Opera Singer
March 21st113 - Supercentenarian
March 22nd94 - Cuban Bandleader
Date of DeathNameAge
March 23rd90 - Olympic Sailor
March 24th101 - Diplomat
March 25th 72 - Hillsborough Campaigner
March 28th65 - Actor
March 29th70 - Canadian Politician
April 1st54 - NBA Referee
April 1st60 - Swimmer
April 2nd86 - Irish Actor
April 2nd82 - Spanish Director
April 3rd85 - Screenwriter
April 4th70 - Film Critic
April 5th44 - Political Advisor
April 6th66 - Spanish Director
April 8th87 - Prime Minister
April 8th70 - Mouseketeer
April 10th87 - IVF Pioneer
April 11th87 - Comedian
April 11th96 - Virologist
April 16th104 - Gospel Singer/Songwriter
April 18th62 - Activist
April 19th92 - Nobel Prize Winner
April 19th95 - Actor
April 20th84 - Actor/Stuntman
April 22nd72 - Folk Singer
April 26th81 - Country Musician
April 28th88 - Cellist

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