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How to Get ItAchievement NameIcon
Kill 1,000 zombiesZombie (Cop Version)
Kill 10,000 zombiesZombie
Kill 53, 594 zombiesZombie (Night Version)
Defeat a psychopathSteven Chapman
Defeat 5 psychopathsJo Slade
Defeat 10 psychopathsAdam MacIntyre
Kill 10 Special Forces soldiersCliff Hudson
Shoot down the Special Forces helicopterSpecial Forces Soldier
Escort 8 survivors at onceSimone Ravendark
Escort 8 female survivors at onceRussell Barnaby
Collect all portraits in the notebookNick Evans
Save 10 SurvivorsSusan Walsh
Save 20 SurvivorsBrian Reynolds
Save 50 SurvivorsAlan Peterson
Knock down 10 zombies with one thrown bowling ballRyan LaRosa
Place 10 Novelty Masks on zombiesKathy Peterson
Knock down 30 zombies with a ParasolRich Atkins
Eat one of every food in the mallRonald Shriner
Break 100 itemsBurt Thompson
Fire 1,000 bulletsCletus Samson
Fire every bullet from a Machine Gun without missingRoger Hall
Score 1,500 PP from a single photoFrank West
Score 3,000 PP from a single photoKent Swanson
Get 50 Target Markers in one photoJeff Meyer
Photograph 10 survivorsCheryl Jones
How to Get ItAchievement NameIcon
Photograph 50 survivorsRoss Folk
Photograph 4 psychopathsSean Keanan
Photograph 10 psychopathsLarry Chiang
Take a photo of all the PP StickersPaul Carson
Take a photo of Zombie BradBrad Garrison
Take a Photo of Zombie JessieJessie McCarney
Answer all the calls from OtisOtis Washington
Spend 24 hours indoorsSid Carmack
Spend 24 hours outdoorsBrett Styles
Drop from a height of 16 feet (5 meters) and liveBill Brenton
Run 26.2 miles (42.195 KM)Verlene Willis
Steal the Convict's vehicleReginald Jenkins
Jump a car 33 Feet (10 Meters)James Ramsey
Jump a motorcycle 33 feet (10 Meters)Tad Hawthorne
Walk over zombie's backs for 33 feet (10 Meters) continuously Leroy McKenna
Kill 1,000 zombies barehandedJonathan Picardsen
Change into 20 different outfitsKindell Johnson
Change into every outfit available in the mallLindsay Harris
Reach Level 50Chris Hines
Get the true ending without being knocked outPamela Tompkins
Complete all Cases and be at the Heliport at Noon on the 4th dayEd DeLuca
Get the true endingBrock Mason
Complete 72-Hour ModeCarlito Keyes
Survive for 5 days in Infinity ModeIsabela Keyes
Survive for 7 days in Infinity ModeServbot Novelty Mask

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