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Can you name the Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons that have Combo Cards?

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CombinationWeapon Name
Power Drill + Bucket
Box of Nails + Propane Tank
Whiskey + Newspaper
Push Broom + Machete
Pylon + Spray Paint
Gems + Leaf Blower
Lizard Mask + Fountain Fireworks
Flashlight + Computer Case
Cement Saw + Saw Blade
Wheelchair + Battery
Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Toy Helicoper + Machete
Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch
Construction Hat + Beer
Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Power Drill + Spear
Sledgehammer + Fire Axe
Football + Grenade
Fire Extuinguisher + Dynamite
Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves
Battery + Goblin Mask
Servbot Mask + Lawn Mower
Wheelchair + Lawn Mower
Hunk of Meat + Dynamite
Battery + Leaf Rake
CombinationWeapon Name
Leaf Blower + Parasol
Pitchfork + Shotgun
Drill Motor + Pitchfork
Training Sword + Motor Oil
2x4 + Lawn Mower
Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier
Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
Leaf Blower + Spear
Light Machine Gun + Electric Chair
Water Gun + Gasoline Canister
Rocket Firework + Lead Pipe
MMA Gloves + Box of Nails
Plates + Cement Saw
Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
Electric Guitar + Amplifier
Cow Skull + Motor Oil
Gems + Flashlight
Bow & Arrow + Dynamite
Training Sword + Box of Nails
Robot Bear + Light Machine Gun
Paddle + Chainsaw
Fire Extuinguisher + Water Gun
Baseball Bat + Box of Nails
Queen + Nectar

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