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Cause of DeathMember
Exploded after being stabbed by Shadow Theif
Stroke caused by Jean Loring
Killed by Neron with a ring
Stabbed in the chest by Libra
Mercy killed after becoming the Dweller of the Dephths
Beaten to death by Superboy Prime
Drowned in Chemo's toxic pollutants
Shot to death by Jim Corrigan
Shot in the face by Joker
Aged to dust by Extant
Aged to dust by Extant
Lung Cancer
Shot during the middle of a trapeze act
Shot by Jack Drake
Killed by Captain Boomerang
Poisoned by Obedeah Man
Fell from a tampered trapeze
Died fighting Alexander Luthor Jr.
Shot in the face by Alexander Luthor
Accidently killed by Changeling
Killed by Manhunter
Died protecting his son from Man-Ape
Face melted by Spectre
Blown up by Human Bomb
Neck snapped by Wonder Woman
Shot with an arrow by Black Canary
Exploded after overcharging herself with energy
Shot by Gotham City police
Impaled by Black Adam
Unknown Causes (John Monroe)
Unknown Causes (Steven Sharpe)
Unknown Causes (Mica Love)
Killed by Spectre
Disintigrated by Superboy Prime
Unknown Causes (Bertram Larvan)
Shot by Deadshot
Killed in an Axis bomb raid
Blew up his suit fighting OMAC's
Eaten by Sobek
Shot by Scratch and Carlton Lehah
Unknown sickness after leaving the Paradise Dimension
Murdered by Reactron
Gunned down by a helicopter
Killed by Tally-Man
Killed by Tally-Man
Killed by Tally-Man
Cause of DeathMember
Thrown off a cliff by Bane
Shot by Tarantula II
Shot during the Battle of Metropolis
Pushed off a building by Azrael
Shot in the face by Catwoman
Murdered by his homeless cult
Killed in a landslide of her making
Decapitated by Superboy Prime
Laser visioned by Superboy Prime
Chocked by a Superman Android
Killed during an attack on Atlantis
Car Accident
Car Accident
Put on a crashing plane by Atom-Smasher
Absorbed into the Phantasm entity
Shot through the chest by Sinestro
Stabbed through the chest by Deathstroke
Beaten to death by Bizarro
Drowned in the ocean
Killed by Spirit-King
Killed by Extant
Suicide to save Dr Fate's identity
Stabbed through the chest by Frankenstein
Shot by Maxwell Lord
Race Car crash
Slain by the Female Furies
Died fied LEGION robots
Broke his neck 20 years in the past
Frozen and smashed by Captain Cold
Killed by Chillbaine
Impaled by Blacksmith
Killed by Shadow Demons
Shot by Deadshot, saving Pied Piper
Killed by Professor Ivo's robots
Killed by a mentally deranged Chief
Killed at somepoint during Final Crisis
Blown up with a Gil'Dishpan ship
Ripped in Half by Superboy Prime
Neck snapped by Superboy Prime
Killed by Superboy Prime
Killed by Superboy Prime
Disintigrated by Superboy Prime
Disintigrated by Superboy Prime
Disintigrated by Superboy Prime
Disintergrated by Superboy Prime
Laser visioned in half by, you guessed it, Superboy-Prime
Cause of DeathMember
Gunned down by George Barrow
Natural Causes
Shot by Jason Melville
Natural Causes
Killed by a possessed Deathstroke
Mercy killed by Starfire
Killed by Rose Wilson
Died fighting the Teen Titans
Killed by Doomsday
Killed by Neron
Killed by the Rogues attacking at once.
Shot by Taskmaster
Killed by Lady Styx's necrotoxin
Sacraficed himself fighting Superboy-Prime
Blown up trying to defuse a terrorist bomb.
Hit by Darkseid's Omega Sanction
Stabbed by Takeo Yamashiro
Died in a house fire
Died in a house fire
Killed by Despero while he was in a coma
Killed by Shadow Demons during COIE
Killed by a rampaging Lobo in Hell.
Bit by a Black Lantern
Accidently killed by touching Barry Allen while in the Speed Force
Killed after failing to defuse a bomb
Natural Causes
Dispersed during Infinite Crisis
Car crash due to Lex Luthor severing his brakes.
Teleported into a wall by his son Terry
Ripped in half by Black Adam
Assassinated on his 2nd day on the job
Unknown Causes (Walt and Wayne Trigger)
Unknown Causes (Flying Stagg)
Shot to death by Jonah Hex
Died in battle against the Ogaden Military
Killed by Kobra
Killed by Blacksnake
Shot by Deadshot
Shot by guards while trying to discredit Amanda Palmer
Killed by the Rocket Red Brigade
Killed in a car accident caused by Lex Luthor
Murdered by Black Manta
Assassinated with a car bomb
Killed by a logging company

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