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My infoCityConstituent country
I'm the UK's favourite city with England's most hated football teamEngland
I'm the UK's largest city within my city limitsEngland
I used to be the largest port in the world. I'm home to a famous bandEngland
I have a newer city named after me in the USA. I used to have a Kingdom named after meEngland
I'm at the heart of the UK's largest urban area. I am on the North bank of the River ThamesEngland
I had a leading role in 'Treasure Island'. My river is the Avon. I can just about see WalesEngland
I used to be the cotton capital of the world. I'm best known for my football teams these daysEngland
My infoCityConstituent country
I'm home to one of the biggest football rivalries in the world. Green & White vs. BlueScotland
My inhabitants are called Geordies. I have a really good metro system and I'm full of studentsEngland
I'm the political capital of the UK. I'm home to a famous abbey and I'm quite upmarketEngland
My stadium is named after the year 2000. I'm on my country's south coastWales
They call me the steel city. I have a good tram networkEngland
I'm full of tourists. I have a large castle and a royal mileScotland
My most famous part is my North End. Any ideas who I am?England

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