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What is Stars Hollow High School's mascot?
What is Luke's full name?
What is Lorelai's birth year?
What was the name of Lorelai and Rory's hamster?
What is the motto of the Life and Death Bridage
What sign is up outside of Luke's Diner?
How old was Michel when he left France?
Where does Gypsy work?
What was Miss Patty's first show?
What did Jess steal from the high school?
What movie do Lorelai and Christopher watch on the side of a barn?
What motivational phrase do Lorelai and Rory create before going to Yale?
Where do Emily and Rory go for lunch when she visits in Season 1?
What is the name of Logan's driver in Season 5?
What does Taylor pass out after Lorelai and Luke's breakup in Season 5?
In what episode does Rory cut her hair?
Whose mother has a French fetish?
In what year was the 'Big-Eared Romeo Fiasco'?
What color is Babette and Morey's house?
What is the name of Babette and Morey's new kitten?
What is Liz's husbands real name?
Where is Dean from?
If you touch Kirk's bottom, what will he think you have?
What was the building next to Luke's before the Soda Shoppe?
What is Honor Huntzberger's husband's name?
Where is Finn from?
What is the name of Paris's life coach?
What is Logan's nickname for Rory?
What is Max Medina's middle name?
Who was renting out Trix's house in Hartford before she moved back in?
What did Max want to be when he grew up?
On what day did Christopher call when she was in high school?
Where was Doyle rejected from for the job of a Yale stringer?
Who was Paris's first boyfriend?
Who does Brian have a tattoo of?
What does an angry ballerina write on Rory's door?
What is the name of the editor of the online magazine Rory writes for?
What is the name of Lorelai's ex-boyfriend who was opening a coffee shop?
What does Emily's 'dirty button' say?
What is the name of Yale's mascot?
What did Paris tell Jamie that Lane was doing when she was living at Yale in season 4?
What religion does Lane's grandmother practice?
What kind of car does Lorelai drive?
What kind of car does Rory drive (season 3-7)?
What color is Luke's baseball cap after his breakup with Lorelai?
What is Christopher's mother's name?
Who guest stars as Peyton Sanders in season 3?
What is the name of Jackson's brother?
What is the name of the goat on Lorelai's chuppah?
What was Luke's nickname in high school?
What is the name of Sookie's midwife?
What is Kirk's last name?
What is the name of Jess's girlfriend who worked at Stars Hollow Beauty Supply?
Where does Mia live in season 7?
What did Lorelai exchange a set of crystal candlesticks for?
Where did Louise go to college?
Which college did Madeline drop out of?
What is Rory's dorm room number in season 5?
In what season does Lane get contacts?
What did Emily try to buy Lorelai and Luke at the end of Season 6?
What is the name of the dog that brought Emily and Richard back together?
What are the name of Richard's assistants throughout the series?
What was the name of Luke's uncle?
What is the name of the Chilton student Rory showed around Yale?
In season 1, Richard gives Rory money to go where?
What food does Lorelai hate the smell of?
What row did Rory and her classmates sit in during the Bangles concert?
What is Rory's middle name?
Who do Lorelai and Jason see at the China Garden?
How long did it take for Rory to realize her bracelet was missing in season 2?
What is Doyle's last name?
What does Rory always carry with her?
What was the name of the girl group Lucy, Olivia, and Rory formed?
Who got into Yale by sleeping with the recruiter?
What is the title of the last episode Amy Sherman-Palladino worked on (in the original series)?
Who ran a 4 minute mile at Yale?
What was Paul Anka's original name?
What is the name of the raccoon who lives at Logan's house on Martha's Vineyard?
Which character was originally a woman named Daisy?
What is the name of the painting Lorelai and Christopher received as a wedding present?

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