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Can you guess the 'Friends' season 1 trivia?

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Who is the first one to talk in the first episode?
Where is Ross when he finds out that Carol is pregnant?
How much money does the soda company give Phoebe when she finds a thumb in her soda?
What event is Joey and Chandler helping Ross get over when they take him to the hockey game?
What is Ross' excuse for doing laundry with Monica and Rachel?
How many people was Chandlers girlfriend Aurora involved with (not including Chandler)?
When he is trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, Chandler says that gum is __________.
What is it about Chandler that makes people think he is gay?
Which balloon gets loose during the Thanksgiving parade on the first Thanksgiving the gang celebrates together?
What are they celebrating in 'The One Wit the Monkey'
What does Mrs. Bing get a craving for after being intimate with a man?
What kind of table do Joey and Chandler settle on after their old table breaks
What is the name of Joey's dads mistress?
Who does Joey inadvertently set Chandler up on a date with on Valentines Day?
Who walks in on Joey and Ross when Ross was practicing dirty talk?
What is the name of the co-worker Chandler has to fire, but instead ends up asking her out on a date?
What sport is Ross playing with his son in a nightmare where he is being charged by the Miami defense?
When explaining to Monica that you only serve foods with 1 syllable at a poker game, which food that he lists has 2 syllables?
What high school class did the Animal Control officer who is looking for Marcel sit behind Rachel in?
When sleeping with Barry, even though he is engaged to Mindy, what perfume does Rachel wear that leads Mindy to assume Barry is having an affair when she smells it on him?
What stage name does Joey like, but is already taken by a Soviet Union leader?
What grade is Monica's boyfriend in 'The One With the Ick Factor'?
Who plays the single mother the Joey helped out when he was in the hospital for the birth of Ross's son?
What does Joey's girlfriend Melanie (from 'The One Where Rachel Finds Out') sell for a living?

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