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Can you name the Superheroes: Same Identity, Different Codename?

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Steve Rogers
The Original 
Man Without A Country 
Hank Pym
The Original 
The 2nd  
The Legacy Namesake 
The Controversial 
The Tribute 
Clark Kent
The Icon 
The Kryptonian Legend 
Carol Danvers
The Original 
The All-Powerful 
The Flight Handle 
The Current 
Dick Grayson
The Original 
The Return 
The Culmination  
Tim Drake
The Original 
The Next Step 
Jason Todd
The Original 
The Vengeful 
The Redemptive 
Stephanie Brown
The Original 
The 4th Apprentice 
The Resurrection/Pre-Flashpoint 
Garfield Logan
The Doom Patrol 
The Titan 
Clint Barton
The Original 
The Giant 
The New Avenger 
Bruce Banner
The Original 
The Grey Gangster 
The Intelligent Hulk 
Hal Jordan
The Original 
The Corrupted 
The Spirit of Vengeance 
James Howlett
The X-Men 
The Experiment 
The Horseman 
Barbara Gordon
The Original 
The Hacker 

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