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Can you name the answers to these progressively harder character specific trivia questions?

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Real Name 
His real name means... 
His stone hand is also called.. 
His Amphibious Teammate 
His Pyrokinetic Teammate 
Organization he works for 
Primary Villain 
Title of his first adventure/story arc 
Destined to bring about this event 
Was created by... 
The Tick
Real Name 
Base City 
His Trusted Partner 
His Batman-like Ally 
His Patriotic Female Ally 
Arthur is dressed as a... 
Most people think Arthur is dressed as a... 
His Superman-like Rival 
Was created by... 
Real Name 
Demonic Clown Beast 
His Widow 
His Best Friend/Wife's New Husband 
His Demonic Master 
Fellow Hellspawned/'Mentors' Spawn 
Grizzled NYPD Detective 
Mousy NYPD Detective 
Spawn's original murderer. 
Was created by... 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Purple Mask 
Blue Mask 
Orange Mask 
Red Mask 
Rat Master 
Female Ally Sometimes Lab Assistant, Sometimes Reporter 
Sports Loving Vigilante 
Primary Villain 
Originally Published By... 
Was Created by,,, 

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