Entertainment Quiz / Superheroes: Character Trivia (Level 3)

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Can you name the answers to these progressively harder character specific trivia questions?

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Green Arrow
Secret Identity 
Original Base City 
Current Base City 
Primary Love Interest 
Original Protege 
Mother of his son Robert 
The son that followed in his footsteps 
Rival Archer 
Recurring Diplomat Villain 
Was created by... 
Martian Manhunter
Secret Identity (Martian) 
Secret Identity (English) 
Primary Weakness 
Most tenured member of this group 
Villainous twin brother 
The scourge of his people  
His 'niece' 
His 'niece's real name 
Current member of this New 52 ressurected team 
Was created by... 
Captain Marvel (DC)
Secret Identity 
His word 
S stands for the wisdom of... 
H stands for the strength of... 
A stands for the stamina of... 
Z stands for the power of... 
A stands for the courage of... 
M stands for the speed of... 
Primary Villian 
Was created by... 
Most Commonly Used Human Identity 
Preferred Weapon 
Primary Villain 
Primary Love Interest 
His All-Powerful Father 
The Glutton of the Warriors Three 
The Barbarian of the Warriors Three 
The Ladies Man of the Warriors Three 
Sometimes Love Interest and Asgardian Ally 
Was created by... 
Real Name 
Original Color 
The name he took in Vegas 
Primary Love Interest 
Reptilian Gamma Beast Rival 
Primary Villain/Father-in-Law 
Hulk's only friend and Jr. Avenger 
Gamma Irradiated Mastermind 
Hulk's Alien Army 
Was created by... 
The Punisher
Real Name 
First appeared in this character's comic 
Served in this branch of the military 
Primary Villain 
Has a long standing rivalry with this super spy 
Once tried to steal this icon's shield and title 
His long-winded tome chronicling his battle against crime 
His one time weapons and tech man 
Was resurrected as this short-lived Legion of Monsters member 
Was created by... 

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