Entertainment Quiz / Superheroes: Character Trivia (Level 2)

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Can you name the answers to these progressively harder character specific trivia questions?

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Green Lantern of this sector number 
Inherited the Power Ring from this alien 
Primary Villain 
Primary Weakness is this color 
Replaced by this architect 
Replaced by this Hot-Headed Warrior 
Trusted friend of this Drill Sergeant Lantern 
Primary Love Interest/Villainess 
At one time possessed by this cosmic diety 
Was created by... 
The Flash Barry Allen
Base City 
Uncle Of... 
Grandfather Of... 
Mentored by/Inspired by... 
First Flash to tap into this mystic energy field 
Died during this milestone event 
Revived during this event 
This Villain drove The Flash to murder 
Primary Villain?/Leader of the Rogues 
Was created by... 
Secret Identity (Human) 
Secret Identity (Atlantian) 
Villainous brother... 
Primary Villain 
Primary Love Interest 
Rules from this capital city of Atlantis 
Lost his hand while battling this villain named for a Greek monster 
Saved and raised by this dolphin 
Was created by... 
The Thing
Real Name 
Founding member of this team 
Primary Villain 
Rival Smasher 
Primary Love Interest 
Rival's Cousin/Go-To Replacement/Possible Love Interest? 
Tormentors and group of thugs 
Thing's favorite aunt 
Thing's religious denomination 
Was created by... 
Secret Identity 
Primary Love Interest *KIA* 
Primary 'Super' Love Interest *KIA but got better* 
Primary Villain 
Never-ending battle again this crime lord for control of Hell's Kitchen 
Trusted Ally and Reporter 
This Spider-Man Villain nearly drove DD to the brink 
Reluctant Ally in the War on Crime 
Trained by this blind master 
Was created by... 
Jean Grey
Original Codename 
Most Famous Codename 
Primary Love Interest 
The Occasional 'Other Man' 
Corrupted by this power 
Corruption was originally triggered by... 
Future Daughter 
Future Son/Step-son 
Rival in Love and Psychic power 
Was created by... 

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