Entertainment Quiz / Superheroes: Character Trivia (Level 1)

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Can you name the answers to these progressively harder character specific trivia questions?

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Secret Identity 
Primary Love Interest 
Primary Weakness 
Primary Villain 
Cousin Of... 
Genetic Donor/'Father' Of... 
Synthetic Mastermind and Terror of Kandor 
Finally met his match against this creature 
Was created by... 
Secret Identity 
Primary Love Interest/Temptress 
Mother of his child 
The Dark Knight's first squire 
Primary Villain 
Oldest and most trusted Ally 
Met his match and was broken by... 
Was created by... 
Wonder Woman
Secret Identity 
Original Home 
Belongs to this mythological race 
Her sometimes protege 
Primary Love Interest 
Primary Villain 
Primary Weapon 
This Goddess of the Hunt may be her greatest rival 
Her murder of this man helped trigger the Infinite Crisis 
Was created by... 
Captain America
Secret Identity 
Original Protege 
Retro-Active Founding Member of this group 
Partner of this Winged Avenger 
Primary Villain 
Primary Love Interest 
Gave this man an Avengers membership (Out of pity?) 
Has been fighting this villain's family for generations 
Sometimes a member of this clandestine organization 
Was created by... 
Secret Identity 
Primary Love Interest 
The true love of his life 
Primary Villain 
Primary Pain-in-the-Webs 
Vigilante Temptress/Love Interest 
First Love Interest (She decided he was too young and irresponsible) 
The Alien Symbiote that changed everything 
His Future Daughter 
Was created by... 
Secret Identity 
Better known as... 
Primary Villain 
First appeared in this comic... 
Teamed with the hero of that comic against this monster... 
Biological Father of... 
Genetic Donor/'Father' of... 
Skeleton constructed of this alloy... 
Strong ties to this Canadian Super-team 
Was created by... 

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