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A primordial one-eyed giant.  
A tribal human/horse hybrid. 
Half woman/half snake with a stony gaze, the most famous being Medusa. 
A winged horse owned by Perseus/Bellerophon. 
Half bird/half woman that scavenges carrion. 
A combination of bird, woman and fish that sings a deadly song. 
A great serpent with many heads. 
Lion, snake and goat combined into this monstrosity. 
Winged lion with the head of an eagle, also found in Egypt and throughout Europe. 
Riddle giving women/lion also known in Egypt. 
Northern European
A lady of the fae, her terrorizing screams haunt Ireland. 
Mostly benign, they can be found everywhere but mostly in mountains and caves throughout Norway, 
This single-horned equine has equivalents throughout the world.  
A name used for most European-style dragons by the Nordic, Germanic and Welsh. 
Also known as the fae or fair folk. 
A small fairy with a penchant for hoarding gold beneath rainbows. 
A monster that emerges during a full moon after being cursed by lycanthropy. 
Blood sucking undead with equivalents throughout the world. 
Half human/half fish, known at times to terrorize but most often assist and tantalize sailors. 
Half chicken/half lizard, it comes in many forms but always has a stone gaze. 
Large North Western-American ape man.  
Scottish kelpie, possibly the most famous Cryptid 
Spanish-American bloodsucker thought to be mange-stricken coyotes. 
A Point Pleasant omen of disaster harrowing the collapse of the Silver Bridge. 
The Asian inspiration for the 'graboids' of Tremors. 
Giant North-American eagle known to bring storms and rain. 
A possible sauropod living in the waters of the Congo. 
The Himalayan man-ape. 
Often called the 'sasquatch of Australia' 
Half deer/half rabbit scourge of the American Southwest. 
Movie Monsters
Giant ape with an affinity for blondes. 
Giant flying turtle, savior of children. 
Clive Barker's priest of pain, the pope of Hell. 
A shape-shifting alien creature discovered in the Antarctic. 
The unofficial name of a race of alien big-game hunters. 
The bane of Ellen Ripley.  
Giant lizard of atomic origins. Sometimes hero, sometimes villain. 
American's giant monster known for decapitating Lady Liberty. 
'Don't get them wet, keep them out of sunlight, and NEVER feed them after midnight' 
Peaceful insectoid kaiju, protector of mankind lives on a small island.  
Literary/Comic Monsters
Bram Stoker's vampire icon. 
Clive Barker's vulgar Irish pagan god. 
Mary Shelley's patchwork man.  
DC's Bio-chemical scientist Alec Holland turned elemental. 
Ancient alien dragon of Marvel Comics. 
H. P. Lovecraft's terrifying old one.  
Stephen King's poor rabies ridden puppy. 
Marvel's Bio-chemical scientist Ted Sallis turned elemental. 
J.R.R. Tolkien's fire wielding demon(s). 
DC's giant mind-controlling starfish. 
Video Game Monsters
Small mushroom monster, often squished. 
Silent Hill 2's menacing butcher.  
Resident Evil 3's juggernaut. 
Pokemon's iconic fire-breathing dragon. 
Legend of Zelda's oft fought spider/scorpion/crab boss. 

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