Comic Book Jeopardy: Marvel Edition

Comic Book Jeopardy: Marvel Edition, can you answer these Marvel themed questions?

QuestionWho/What is...Fun Fact
Despite common belief this man never originally said 'With great power comes great responsibility'
Even the Lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu isn't above childish sibling rivalry with this Faltine sister....
This make-shift team was originally comprised of Hulk, Namor, and Dr. Strange
Anya Corazon began her superhero career under this Spanish name...
This secretary turned reporter dumped Peter Parker for being 'too young and irresponsible'...
This technopathic time traveler is the son of Cyclops...
Erik Lehnsherr is one of many alias for this globally feared mutant...
This Canadian monster manifests due to a curse placed upon those who practice cannibalism.
This Serpent Society member attempted to 'go straight' to prove her love to Captain America.
These subatomic pieces of matter, named for their creator, are what allow Ant-man and others to change size.
QuestionWho/What is...Fun Fact
M.O.D.O.K is most commonly designated as a Mobile Organism Designed Only for, this....
Created to cash in on the Disco craze, this mutant missed her mark by a few years.
This world changing event putting brother against brother was triggered by the Stamford, CT Tragedy.
This Watcher stationed on the Moon has been known to break his vow 'not to interfere' more often than not.
The Penance Stare of the Ghost Rider wasn't introduced until this 3rd Rider took over...
The Punisher may have fallen into obscurity in the late 90's had this writer not revived the character in 2000 within the Marvel Knights Imprint.
Queen of the Norns, she was responsible for giving the Wrecker his powers.
A potential match made in heaven when Daredevil met this hearing impaired vigilante.
This super team consists of Justice League parodies like Hyperion and Nighthawk.
The character has the honor of being the first black super-powered hero in main-stream American comics.
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