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Known for his step sequences and 'Eros' performance comeback, as well as being coached by Viktor
Five-time consecutive world champion figure skater who left skating to coach Yuuri
Young figure skater who is making his senior debut and focused completely on beating Yuuri in order for Viktor to return to Russia
Yuuri's best friend from Detroit who is making history in his country with his figure skating
Older figure skater who is known for his sex appeal
A talented figure skater who is arrogant and self-absorbed, leading many of his competitors to dislike him
A stoic-faced and talented figure skater who is sort-of friends with Yuri, remembering him from a past training camp
A figure skater who finds his inspiration from music, even composing original pieces to skate to during competitions
A close friend of Leo's who's also a figure skater with a high jumping ability
A handsome and seemingly emotionless young figure skater who is calculating and focuses on the technical side of skating
A close friend of Michele and Sara with a great jumping ability
Sara's over-protective brother who skates with her as his inspiration
Heartbroken figure skater who uses his skating to try and get over his ex-girlfriend
An incredibly young figure skater who idolizes Yuuri and cheers him on constantly
A talented figure skater who is trying to get her over-protective brother to focus on himself
A young female skater studying with Yuri under Yakov and can pick Yuri up easily
Yuuri's former coach from Detroit and Phichit's current coach
Viktor's former coach and Yuri and Mila's current coach
Yakov's ex-wife who is an extremely strict ballet teacher who helps Yuri with his skating
Yuuri's old coach and ballet teacher, a good family friend
Yuuri's father, who co-runs the family onsen in Hasetsu
Yuuri's mother, who co-runs the family onsen in Hasetsu
Yuuri's older sister with a fondness for nicotine
Yuuri's childhood friend who eventually becomes the manager of the Ice Castle
Yuuri's childhood bully who eventually mellows out and marries Yuko
One of the Nishigori triplets who favors blue
One of the Nishigori triplets who favors pink
One of the Nishigori triplets who favors purple

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