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Can you name the following notable US cities by their name origins?

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Named After ...City
A stone outcropping on the bank of the Arkansas River
Greek for 'brotherly love'
Spanish for 'the meadows'
Hawaiian for 'sheltered bay' or 'place of shelter'
A place where a ship can lay anchor and possibly a hardwood store with the same name operated from a boat
Anglicized rendition of name of Chief Sealth, the heralded leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Indian tribes
French for 'red stick' or 'red staff' probably after pole or tree soaked with animal blood
Ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River
Schoolmaster Charles Hoag's combination of Dakota 'mni' meaning 'water' or 'minnehaha' meaning 'falling' (or 'curled') 'water' and Greek 'polis' meaning 'city'
The then territorial governor of the Territory of Florida and later 7th President of the United States
Duke of a Spanish town likely named after the Arabic 'abu al-qurq' or Latin 'albus quercus', both referring to cork oak
Jacques LaRamee (or La Remy), a French-Canadian fur trapper, who disappeared in the nearby mountains in the late 1810s, was possibly murdered and never heard from again
General at the Battle of San Jacinto later elected President of Texas in 1836
Native Mobilian Indian tribe first encountered by France in 1699 after which the local river and bay is also named
William Trent, a prominent merchant in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the early 18th century
Pioneer Stephen Frank, who was killed by Indians, possibly at a crossing on the Kentucky river called “Frank’s Ford'
Named After ...City
19th century fur trapper Etienne Provost
According to Roger Williams, the lord's 'merciful providence unto me in my distresse'
French word for strait due to location on identically-named river connecting Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair (as well as Lake Huron)
Arizona Pima Indian 'schookson' or 'chuk-son' for 'spring at the foot of a black mountain' referring to the summit now known as Sentinel Peak
British Secretary of State William Pitt the Elder
King Louis IX of France by Pierre Laclede Liguest
Mr. Pierre Chouteau, Jr. of the American Fur Company and a fort of the same name he established nearby in 1831
The chairman of U.S. Steel in 1906, Elbert H. Gary
Saint Francis of Assisi and a mission named thereafter
French 'les bois' for 'the trees' referring to the tree-lined river that passes through the city
King Louis XVI of France by George Rogers Clark
Spanish for passageway formed by the Rio Grande's flow through the Franklin mountains
The then Kansas Territorial Governor whose jurisdiction extended west from the current State of Kansas
City in Kent, England on the English Channel by William Penn
French corruption of Miami-Illinois 'shikaakwa'' meaning 'wild leek' or 'wild garlic'
Identically-named city across the country in New England (instead of Boston) based on coin flip between city founders

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