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In '22 Short Films About Springfield', What is Professor Frink's short story titled?
Finish the quote from 'The City of New York City vs. Homer Simpson'... 'Lousy Bart and ____ _____
When Homer buys Lisa a pony and has to get a job at the kwik e mart, who is with Apu when he comes in to see how Homer is doing?
When Lionel Hutz babysits Bart and Lisa, What does he change his name to?
What is the title of the book Principal Skinner wants to write
Finish the Quote, 'Aint an animal alive that can outrun a _______ ________' - Willie
when Bart gets $100 what does he want to spend it on?
what does Barney mistake for Princess Di?
What is the name of Mr. Burns's old attack hound whom he replaces with Santa's Little Helper?
which minstrels play music for Mr. Burns's birthday party?
Who was engaged to Willie until she got here eyesight back?
how much does Homer's invented car, The Homer, cost?
What is the name of Lisa's hockey team?
What does Homer call Otto that upsets him enough to pound his fists against a wall?
Before Lisa enrolled, who was the girliest cadet at military school?
When Lionel Hutz babysits Bart and Lisa, what deal does he cut with Homer? 8 dollars, 2 popsicles, and what?
When Ned is remembering the first and last blackberry schnapps he ever had, who does he say is a boring old biddy?
what is the name of the person who answers the phone when Bart's prank call backfires?
When Sideshow bob is writing his plan to kill Bart, he replaces a word with the word 'Gut'. which word is that?
Who does Kent Brockman's llama bite? to which he says, 'good'

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