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Can you name the guest stars on The Simpsons?

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CharacterGuest StarEpisode
Hank ScorpioYou Only Move Twice
Sideshow BobKrusty Gets Busted
Mr. BergstromLisa's Substitute
Artie ZiffThe Way We Was
Leon KompowskyStark Raving Dad
Rabbi KrustofskiLike Father, Like Clown
Lurleen LumpkinColonel Homer
Herb PowellOh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Mindy SimmonsThe Last Temptation of Homer
'Malibu' Stacy LovellLisa vs. Malibu Stacy
Allison TaylorLisa's Rival
Jessica LovejoyBart's Girlfriend
Dr. SweigFear of Flying
Number OneHomer the Great
Ballet TeacherHomer vs. Patty and Selma
CharacterGuest StarEpisode
Mona SimpsonMother Simpson
Larry BurnsBurns, Baby Burns
Space CoyoteEl Viaje Misterioso de Nuevo Jomer
Frank OrmandThe Twisted World of Marge Simpson
John Homer's Phobia
Cecil TerwilligerBrother From Another Series
Seymour SkinnerThe Principal and the Pauper
Alex WhitneyLard of the Dance
Ray PattersonTrash of the Titans
Munchie (The Former Hippie)D'oh-in' in the Wind
Wally KogenSunday, Cruddy Sunday
Meathook (Biker)Take My Wife, Sleaze
Ramrod (Biker)Take My Wife, Sleaze
Jim Hope (Creator of Funzo)Grift of the Magi
Brother FaithFaith Off

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