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Can you name these characters from the 'Chucky' franchise?

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His nemesis
His nemesis' mother
The cop who killed Charles Lee Ray
This cop's partner
She took the wrong night to babysit
The accomplice turned traitor
The voodoo teacher
The boy's foster mother
The boy's foster father
The boy's foster sister
The social worker who gave the boy new parents
A teacher who has been VERY naughty
The CEO of Play Pals Co.
The boy's first love
The doll's new target in Child's Play 3
The **** in charge of the new cadets
The nerd who suffers bullying at Kent
The colonel with a fragile heart
The barber sergeant
His bride
Framed by the dolls' murders, she must run away with her boyfriend
Hunted by the police thanks to two dolls
This couple's best friend
The chief of police who cosplays Pinhead
His seed
The actress who becomes the doll's target
A gutted rapper in Hollywood
Not even the paparazzi are safe from the dolls' acid humor
The actress' agent gets fired
Even in a wheelchair, she will prove herself to be a worthy rival
Can't say the same about her sister, though
This nanny has a little dirty secret
He seeks the sole guard of his daughter
At last, a new child for him to play
This priest survives longer than expected
The matriarch who is the source of the dolls' fury
The star of the show

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