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Antonym of plotTV show
Rythmless people aren't yelled at by judges
People keep secrets
An up-north man hinders the NYPD
A woman takes her good sweet time planning to destroy the world
Soloists are serial killers
Anarchists evade murders
Old people avoid drama while a friendly cheer coach aids them
A male genius and evil woman free murders with cartilage
A man with no substance abuse commits crimes whilst never meeting angels
A criminal woos a literary critic
Antonym of plotTV show
Poverty stricken people from different zip codes all get along
People in a morgue work smoothy and on a professional level only
A Homeland Security agent avoids mental patients and their children, and commits everyday crimes
Serious people taped prior to weekday airing
Nerdy Girls like a hot boy that lives no where near them
Heidi Klum tells people they can't be models
People are honest and non-twitchy
Well adjusted parents raise their own children without help
A man doesn't speak to the living

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