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QUIZ: Can you name the adverb answers to the questions Tom Lehrer asked in his 1972 children's song, L-Y?

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You're wearing your squeaky shoes, and right there taking a snooze, is a tiger! So how do you walk on by?
You're a secret agent man, who's after the secret plan. How do you act so they don't know you're a spy?
At an eating contest you boast, that you can eat the most. How do you down your fiftieth piece of pie?
On the lake your boat upset, and your clothes got soaking wet. How do you stand and wait for them to dry?
In the public library, you fall and hurt your knee. But the sign says, 'Quiet, please' so how can you cry?
As you walk along the street, a porcupine you meet. How do you shake his hand when he says 'Hi'?
You enter a very dark room, and sitting there in the gloom, is Dracula! Now how do you say 'goodbye'?

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