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Hint4 letter wordRung
'He knows if you've been bad or ____'1
To urge or force (someone) to do something2
A holder of an academic degree, for short3
French for fat or fatty4
Spanish cubist artist, Juan5
Mental toughness or courage6
Suffix which follows hæmato- in a measure of erythrocytes7
A piece of paper which serves as a voucher8
Prattle, often found in online rooms9
A spiced black tea, with milk and honey10
Ethnicity of the young woman in the above photo11
Hint4 letter wordRung
Sporcle Just for Fun Subcategory: This or ____12
The handle of a joiner's plane13
Three lions adorn the British Royal ____ of Arms14
What will not be in your Christmas stocking if you've been (Rung 1)15
Shape of a basic electromagnet's inductor16
To prevent a conspiracy or plot from occurring17
With Rung 4, the main ingredient in a luxury pâté 18
Following 10129, the name of an asteroid19
Cooking instruction, often used to describe how to incorporate whipped egg whites20
Christmastime examples may be Fruitcake, Figgy Pudding, and Roast Beast21

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