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What is the profession of the immortal being Wowbagger (the infinitely prolonged)?
For how many year is Arthur Dent hitchhiking in total?
Which planet did Marvin end up on in 'Life the Universe and Everything'?
What is the name of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
Which part of the Wikkit Gate is hidden in the spaceship 'Heart of Gold'?
What is the new version of Earth named?
What is the name of the bowl of petunias, as revealed in 'Life the Universe and Everything'?
What machine created a liquid said to be 'almost entirely unlike tea'
Which department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is the most profitable?
In the first book, Ford offers Arthur what snack to prepare him for the destruction of Earth?
Mr Prosser is a direct male-line descendant of which Emperor?
What is six by nine?
Which race is arguably the most violent in the galaxy?
What was the name of the poem written by the third worst poet in history?
Who wrote the record-breaking novel 'Where God Went Wrong'?
What was in Arthur's bag which caused him to fly?
What does Deep Thought have to say on the Answer to the Ultimate Question?
Who was President of the Galaxy before Zaphod?
Where was the official unveiling of the 'Heart of Gold' held?
What are the names of the philosophers who hear the answer to the Ultimate Question?
Who creates the Ultimate Weapon for the Silastic Armorfiends and later Krikkiters?
Which drink was invented by Zaphod Beeblebrox
What is Arthur Dent's job?
Where are God's final words to his creation found?
What are they?

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