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Can you name the 5-letter words in this 'nom de plume' themed word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Word
PEN NAME: Samuel Clemens, author of 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'
Ozzy Osbourne had a 'crazy' one of these.
We use this to think.
We use this to lift objects.
The best and most impressive clothing you own.
These spoiled children may often clash with their parents.
Dr. Dre's brand of musical headphones.
These keep trousers aloft.
These accompany 'whistles' to make something seem extra special.
Your stomach.
A shoe company launched in Switzerland.
Having a close friendship with.
PEN NAME: Benjamin Franklin, author of 'The Speech of _____ Baker'
A psychoactive drug that produces feelings of euphoria.
Fungal decay on food.
Clue5-Letter Word
With the onset of puberty,children may become this.
PEN NAME: Allen Konigsberg, writer of 'Midnight in Paris'
Sentence components.
Flexible ropes made of twisted strands.
Calluses forming against thin, hairless skin.
In most countries, they are less valuable than paper currency.
Humans are the only primate to have these facial structures.
A steep valley where a river flows into a lake or ocean.
An onion plant, often used as an edible garnish.
PEN NAME (FIRST): C. S. Lewis, author of 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
An Afro-Cuban rhythmic pattern.
PEN NAME (LAST): Judith Rumelt, author of 'The City of Bones'
Lewis's traveling companion.
PEN NAME (LAST): C. S. Lewis, author of 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

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