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Can you name the 4-letter words in this supervillain-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
SUPERVILLAIN: The adopted brother and enemy of Thor
Wife of Rick Grimes on 'The Walking Dead'
Voldemort's formal (self-appointed) title
Umbilical ___
SUPERVILLAIN: Archenemy of The Flash, Captain ____, born Leonard Snart
Darkened type-set letters
Having no hair
A musical group
SUPERVILLAIN: The shapeshifting enemy of Spiderman, ____man
In the right mind.
SUPERVILLAIN: The only villain known to have 'Broken the Bat'
A sudden and loud noise
SUPERVILLAIN: A time-traveling villain who faces various heroes
'___ Fu Panda'
A step, particularly on a ladder
A letter in a antiquated alphabet
A trick, deception, or scheme
SUPERVILLAIN: The last name of the villain also known as Grendel
Clue4-Letter Word
SUPERVILLAIN: The creator and enemy of the Hulk, Thunderbolt ___
Jungle growth
If you go to a dairy farm, you may hear these sounds
Public enclosures where animals are displayed
SUPERVILLAIN: An enemy of The Flash who possesses similar speed abilities
SUPERVILLAIN: A multi-talented alien who was awakened on Earth in China
The shape of an object
Where college students live
SUPERVILLAIN: The enemy of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Victor Von ___
A sound that follows dynamite or explosions.
This type of camp will kick young recruits into shape.
Record-holding runner Usain
The 'seat' variety of these protect you in cars
Ernest Hemingway knows for whom this tolls
A spherical object often used in sports
This type of bladder stores bile from the liver
Ancient name of France
SUPERVILLAIN: The last name of the warrior who trained Bruce Wayne.

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