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QUIZ: Can you name the words that contain a 'cc' somewhere in them?

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Hint'CC' Word
An emphasis placed on a particular musical note
Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham's game
To block or obstruct
Soft potato dumplings often used in place of pasta
Its capital is Rabat
These types of stories are often inspirational
An attempt to acquire immunity from a certain disease
Symbolized by the pentagram
Commonly referred to as the tailbone
Denmark from 1940-1945, Algeria for most of the nineteenth century and Tibet currently
To approach or enter a place
A lawn sport involve underarm tossing
Muslims pray in this direction
A high Rotten Tomatoes score means a movie has this
An involuntary bodily response or the main Viking in a Dreamworks film
When spiralized, it can replace pasta in modern recipes

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