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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder featuring acronyms from the Harry Potter series?

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Clue4-Letter Word
The tests Harry Potter took his fifth year at Hogwarts (abbr.)
Some of these include olive, canola, palm and baby
A bunch of zeroes
The longest river in the world
A family of pheasants
A network connection point
A group of amateur theater groups in the United Kingdom
Solve this clue like the answer would, you must
When tripled, it can stand in for any part of a story
Teachers of this Hogwarts class often met an unfortunate end (abbr).
Famous ones include Brad Pitt, Jim Duggar, and Darth Vader
They come in Maxi and Bachelor varieties.
Animal's hands and feet
A place to kneel and shout 'Amen'
When it doesn't exist, it must be good... at least according to an idiom
The test Harry would have taken his seventh year at Hogwarts (abbr.)
This type of soup is actually made from birds' saliva
Something the wicked lack
A rock musical with roots in Puccini's 'La bohème'
Tear something into two pieces
Email button
Baby plant
Going fast in the past
Hermione's grassroots organization

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