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Can you name these 40 four-letter words that begin with 'F'?

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Clue4-Letter Word
To discover something lost
Sorority's male counterpart, for short
Amphibian that hops
The front of a clock or watch
A military outpost
Throw in your hand, in poker
At no cost
12 inches
A crumbly Greek cheese
'Creamy' cappuccino topper
A battle between families
'Hair' on a peach
A company of lawyers
Cod, haddock or fluke, e.g.
A sheet of floating ice
Pete Seeger's genre of music
A bird of any kind
Coal, natural gas, or peat, e.g.
Dog biting pest (or RHCP member)
Clue4-Letter Word
A plant with fronds
A jester or clown
The cost of a taxi ride (or the rider)
A very young horse
A young deer
Land with crops and a barn
Two plus three
Show off your muscles
A sharp canine tooth
Speedy; to abstain from eating
Old Glory or the Union Jack, e.g.
Channel in a chimney for smoke to escape
Not real
Beat with a whip
Move across a river or stream
♭, as a musical note symbol
A custard with a caramel glaze
It usually is inside a manila folder
Extremely intense rage or anger

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