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QUIZ: Can you identify each fairy tale by the darker version of its ending?

Quiz Updated Nov 22, 2015

Forced Order
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Darker EndingFairy Tale
The title character is eaten by the same wolf that has already eaten her grandmother.
The title character refuses to kill the man she loves, jumps into the ocean, and turns into sea foam.
The title character rips himself in half after the queen correctly guesses his name.
The prince is blinded by thorns, though he eventually reunites with the title character, whose tears restore his sight.
Birds peck out the eyes of the title character's stepsisters.
The two children escape the witch and return home to find that their stepmother, who had sent them away, has died.
After not receiving his payment, the title character leads the town's children into a cave, which is closed off by a landslide.
One title character's sisters trick her into prolonging a visit home, hoping that it will enrage the other title character so much that he eats her.
The act that breaks the spell on the title character is not a kiss, but a hard throw against the wall.
The Evil Queen is forced to wear hot iron shoes and dance until she dies.

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