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QUIZ: Can you name the Television Show by one of its Characters?

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Forced Order
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CharacterTelevision Show
Malcolm Reynolds
Benjamin Linus
Rupert Giles
Dana Scully
Sam Beckett
Rick Spleen
Sam Tyler
Samantha Jones
Father Jack Hackett
Zapp Brannigan
Peter Petrelli
Elliot Reid
Cedric Daniels
Dawn Tinsley
Chloe O'Brian
Butters Stotch
Jennifer Melfi
Tim Bisley
CharacterTelevision Show
Josh Lyman
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Templeton 'Faceman' Peck
Liz Parker
Topanga Lawrence
Abby Lockhart
Yosser Hughes
Tinky Winky
Sandy Cohen
Randy Hickey
Super Hans
Salem Saberhagen
Manny Bianco
Agnes Skinner
Steven Hyde
Temperance Brennan
T.J. Detweiler
Brooke Davis
Rachel Green

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