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Forced Order
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What does PCA stand for?
True or false: PCA has always been a co-ed school
What is Zoey's younger brother's name?
In Season 1, what kind of sports team do Zoey and her friends form to get out of gym class?
Who is the worst disc golf player?
Where do Zoey and her friends go for spring break in Spring Breakup?
What subject is Logan secretly good at?
What sport does Zoey excel at?
What is the name of the wrestling champ in Wrestling?
What does Lola aspire to be when she grows up?
Which relative does Chase share his birthday with?
What is the theme for Chase's birthday party in Chase's Grandma?
What unusual medical problem does Quinn have?
What is the name of the sushi restaurant at PCA?
Who is the owner?
What kind of pet does Quinn own?
What is her pet's name?
Where is Quinn from?
Where is Nicole from?
What does Zoey dress as for Halloween in Haunted House?
What is the name of the dorm the guys live in in Season 2?
What dorm do the girls live in in Season 2?
Why does Dana leave PCA after Season 1?
Why does Nicole leave after Season 2?
What is the name of the boarding school Zoey and Chase attend in London in Season 4?
What is Chase's roommates name at the boarding school in London?
Who finds Zoey's balloon in Zoey's Balloon?
What is Zoey's secret in Zoey's Balloon?
What is Lola's secret in Zoey's Balloon?
What type of fruit is Zoey typically seen eating?
What type of vehicle is a Jet X?
What is the name of the site where Chase and Michael submit their cartoons?
What is the name of the ghost in The Curse of PCA?
Where do Zoey and her friends go to find proof of the ghost in The Curse of PCA?
What do they steal from the ghost?
What happens to Zoey when they try to get back to campus?
Who wins the final challenge in Spring Breakup?
Who becomes class president in Election?
What instrument does Michael play?
In what season does Quinn officially become Zoey's roommate?
How many seasons are there of Zoey 101?
True or false: Every season of Zoey 101 was officially released on DVD by Nickelodeon
At the end of Chasing Zoey, where does Zoey invite Chase to spend the summer?
What is Zoey's favorite color?
What color is Zoey's balloon in Zoey's Balloon?
Complete the episode title: Lola Likes ______
What is the name of the drink Zoey and her friends are always drinking?
What did Zoey do with her room key to keep from losing it?
What is Coco's favorite food?
In The Great Vince Blake, what does Vince plan to do?
What does Quinn secretly still like to eat?
What are Quinn's two favorite fruits?
What is the name of the energy drink Quinn invents in Spring Breakup?
What was Zoey's roommate's name at the boarding school in London?
Stacy Dillsen has a crush on which character?
Which item did Logan buy that made his father cut him off?
Stacey Dillsen sings a song about what beverage item?
What is Michael afraid of?
What item gets banned from PCA in Season 4?
Who wrote the play in The Play?
What sport team is Zoey forced to join in Season 3?
What keeps setting off the fire alarm in Drippin?
Where do Zoey and Nicole first meet each other?
What is the mascot of PCA?
What is the name of the guys' new roommate in Season 4?
The actor who plays James, Austin Butler, appeared in a previous episode of Zoey 101 as which character?
Nicole has an obsession with what?
Who wins the fight in Robot Wars?
What object do Quinn, Paige, and Zoey need to use to fix Paige's energy converter in Paige At PCA?
What celebrity makes a cameo appearance in Spring Fling?
The musical guest for Spring Fling offers to play for free in exchange for what?
What is the name of the boy who bullies Dustin in Defending Dustin?
What is the name of the fancy restaurant where Logan takes Quinn and Coco works as a bathroom attendant?
What is the name of Quinn's pet snake in Girls Will Be Boys?
What is the name of Dustin's girlfriend in Bad Girl?
What is Nicole's annoying habit in New Roomies?
How do the girls prank the boys in Prank Week?
True or false: Mark never dated anyone before Quinn
What does Zoey use the money for from her backpack idea in Backpack?
Who does Dana get matched up with in School Dance?
What is the name of the other boy Zoey gets matched up with?
What always happens to Chase on the first day of school?
What happened to Chase when he first saw Zoey?
How does Stacy's lisp go away?
What does Zoey put in the time capsule in Time Capsule?
What did Chase and Michael put in the time capsule?
What did Logan put in?
True or false: Chase has a crush on Lola
In Lola Likes Chase, what subject does Chase tutor Lola in?
In People Auction, what do Zoey, Lola, and Nicole have to do for Logan?
What does Lola change her name to in Girls Will Be Boys?
What is the name of the show Logan's dad created in Spring Breakup?
What do they use to communicate with each other?
Who wins the first challenge?
What is the name of the secret club Zoey and her friends want to be admitted to?
Who wins in Hands On A Blix Van?
What does Zoey want to do in The Favor Chain?
What does Zoey give Chase in exchange for his radio in The Radio?
In Dance Contest, Zoey reveals her grandmother was part of what dance troupe?
What is the name of the dog they have in Season 1?

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