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What is Avril's middle name?
What is her birthday?
What year was she born?
Where was Avril born? (Town, province, country)
What town did she grow up in?
What does her name mean in French?
How many siblings does she have?
What is the name of her clothing line?
As of 2013 she has released 3 fragrances. Name them.
As of 2013 how many studio albums has Avril released?
What is her favorite song to perform live?
What was her first single called?
What is her favorite song from Let Go?
What is her favorite song from Under My Skin?
What is her favorite song from The Best Damn Thing?
What are her favorite songs from Goodbye Lullaby?
What are her favorite songs from Avril Lavigne?
The supporting tour for Let Go was?
The supporting tour for Under My Skin was?
The supporting tour for The Best Damn Thing was?
The supporting tour for Goodbye Lullaby was?
The lead single from Under My Skin
Avril's first Billboard Hot 100 #1
What single was released in the US instead of He Wasn't?
In 2006 Avril married….
What band is Avril's current husband, Chad Kroeger, from?
What instruments can Avril play? (There are 3)
What are her favorite colors?
She voiced a possum named Heather in what DreamWorks film?
The lead single from Goodbye Lullaby
The lead single from Avril Lavigne album
Based on the song from Avril Lavigne, what kind of summer does Avril want to have?
Avril has 2 duets on Avril Lavigne- who are they with?
What is her favorite holiday?
True or false: Avril is a vegetarian
Avril's parents are named...
How many years was Avril married to Deryck?
Where did Avril get married to Chad?
What holiday falls on Avril and Chad's wedding anniversary?
What color was Avril's wedding dress at her wedding with Chad?
Who was Avril's bridesmaid at her 2013 wedding?
What genre of music does Avril want to make in the future?
What cartoon character is Avril obsessed with?
How many rooms of this character does she have in her house?
What song has never been performed live from Under My Skin?
What is the name of Avril's fan base?
Avril's #1 fansite is called?
How many albums has she sold worldwide as of 2013?
What foreign language has Avril studied?
What was the name of Avril's first live DVD?
At what age did Avril start singing?
What genre of music did Avril grow up singing?
Who did Avril sing with when she was 14 years old?
Avril's favorite food
What Napanee restaurant does Avril love?
As of 2013 she has been signed to a total of 3 record labels. Name them.
Who signed Avril to her first record contract when she was 15 years old?
What instrument did Avril play on the studio recording of Girlfriend?
What rapper did Avril collaborate with on the Girlfriend remix?
Avril was a guest judge on what reality competition show?
What is the name of the song dedicated to her grandfather?
What song did Avril dance to at her wedding to Deryck?
When Avril first came out, she was known as the 'anti' what?
How many Grammys has Avril been nominated for as of 2013?
How many Grammys has she won as of 2013?
What activity does Avril love besides singing?
What is Avril allergic to?
What sport did Avril like growing up?
What is the logo from Let Go?
What is the logo from Under My Skin?
What color hair streaks did Avril have in 2011?
What is Avril's favorite shape?
How old was Avril when her first album was released?
How long did Avril spend recording Let Go?
Who helped Avril pen the hits Complicated, Sk8er Boi, and I'm With You
What was the name of the song Avril wrote for Eragon?
What was the name of the song she wrote for Alice in Wonderland?
What thing is Avril afraid of?
What clothing item did Avril used to wear that became a trend?
How many guitars does Avril say she owns?
If she wasn't a singer, she'd want to be a...
Her siblings are named...
What is Avril's favorite kind of food to make?
True or false: Avril was sober when she recorded I Can Do Better
Who does Avril kiss in the music video for Rock N Roll?
What year did Avril form The Avril Lavigne Foundation?
What was the name of the street Avril used to live on in Napanee?
True or false: Avril loves watching TV
What band does Avril namecheck in Here's To Never Growing Up?
How many #1 albums has Avril had as of 2013?
What were the #1 albums?
How many tracks does Let Go have?
How many tracks does Under My Skin have?
How many tracks does The Best Damn Thing have?
How many tracks does Goodbye Lullaby have?
How many tracks does Avril Lavigne have?
How many albums bear the Parental Advisory label as of 2013?
Which ones are they?
How does Avril eat cupcakes?
What was the name of the dog Avril had growing up in Napanee?

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