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Forced Order
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Where was the movie filmed?
Who played Massie Block?
Who played Claire Lyons?
Who played Alicia Rivera?
Who played Dylan Marvil?
Who played Kristen Gregory?
Who played Layne Abeley?
Who played Chris Abeley?
What semester is it at OCD?
What year did the movie come out?
True or false: The Clique was released to theaters
During the sleepover, Claire says she would rather be a what than a person with tons of friends who secretly hate her?
Whose party does Massie want to go to?
How does Massie plan to surprise Chris Abeley at the auction?
What show did Massie say she missed the first 2 minutes of when Kristen IM'd her?
Who comes up with the name Glambition for Kristen's makeup company?
What name does Dylan come up with for Kristen's company?
Where do Dylan and Claire first meet each other?
Who is the director of the film?
What supermodel is the executive producer of the movie?
What is the name of the song Samantha Boscarino (Alicia) sang for the film?
What is Massie's IM screen name?
Who does Massie say she will look like if she only wears one earring?
What is the name of Massie's driver?
What does Massie give to Claire at the end of the film?
What does Alicia spill on Claire's pants on the first day of school?
The movie is based on The Clique written by whom?
What charm does Claire get for Massie?
Who does Massie pretend to be friends with in order to get closer to Chris Abeley?
What gym activity do the girls play at OCD?
Why does Dylan get upset with Massie?
How does Claire protect Massie from embarrassing herself at the auction?

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