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Can you name the answers to these questions, where the answer will include the sound 'CAT'?

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What kind of cat....Answer
hangs out with Batman?
obscures your vision?
hangs out in the alley?
is really frightened?
is a long religious recitation?
is connected to the engine of your car?
hangs out at the copy shop?
is actually a fish?
floats on two pontoons?
is the capital of Nepal?
is a group of things that are similar?
tunnels under the castle?
hangs out in your house?
What kind of cat....Answer
throws stuff over the wall of a castle?
is a whole bunch of cows?
is followed by a moon shadow?
is a chocolate candy bar?
turns into a butterfly?
facilitates a chemical reaction?
takes a picture of the inside of your body?
is a great big disaster?
breaks into places at night?
is a big expensive car?
comes in the mail from a store?
carries your golf clubs?

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