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QUIZ: Can you name the places, people, things, or phrases represented by these pictures?

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 photo a4c470e7ae747e28716240c954c329da_zpse3c2d4b4.jpg photo b1e9266e31f8043366da495e0b925aba_zps15ceafbd.jpg photo ed3f764e3733eee461b50da7447de710_zps008b1fad.jpg photo a884a9d117e0072f6947b1d2537f347f_zps5a475d66.jpg photo 2aab7a63f22c97bba1d39b23b2d7dd2b_zpsdf438d40.jpg photo e6aae9586c297797bd92ce29728cf9c6_zps5497f99d.jpg photo 1c2db353c5cfe98d8d4a56eb48028a74_zps456628a1.jpg photo 52f179982d53345811338037998d838e_zpsc89b95c4.jpg photo 80dc2f58f2e26b572e8735bb1eabdc9d_zpsaccf0975.jpg photo 5dccde0eb1ed1c8644d77df06591674b_zpsa6219a8d.jpg photo 0d4670512aab895540037282fd8d4fe6_zps1e27b94b.jpg photo 50b227fdd0b0ca31b3a6cb126c69b17a_zpse9ca4b88.jpg photo 2581086d6d125c7e74f6cefea9a8f679_zpsab350f53.jpg
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