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While it was the capital of Japan, the emperor lived in this city, the imperial capital. 
Today part of the Tokyo Imperial Palace, this castle was built in 1457 by Ōta Dōkan. 
This 263 year period of peace came to an end when Matthew Perry opened up the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate. 
The Great Kantō earthquake had a magnitude of 7.9, and it occurred in this year. 
Tokyo was officially established during this year. 
Standing at 634 meters tall, this is the tallest structure in Tokyo. 
These four national parks remain in the Tokyo Prefecture. (name one) 
Recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, this is a district of Chūō, Tokyo. 
Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, this communication structure is the second tallest in Tokyo. 
This theme park, opened in 1983, is the second most visited theme park in the world. 
The first year Tokyo held the Olympics was this year 
Despite the United States receiving the most gold medals, this nation received the most medals in total at the Tokyo Olympics. 
Voting for the 2020 Olympic Games had this city as the runner-up. 
Because the IOC did not allow athletes who participated in GANEFO to compete, these countries withdrew their athletes from the Olympics. (name one) 
Tokyo has been selected to host the Olympics twice, and this city is the only one to be chosen more than that. 
This series of movies had their third installment subtitled Tokyo Drift. 
This electronic, financial, and entertainment company has its headquarters in Tokyo. 
Tokyo is the most populous city in the world with over 37 million people, and this city remains number two. 
Japan has over 6,000 islands, and Tokyo resides on this one. 
Tokyo's flag contains contains a Kanji style sun that represents the developing capital city of Tokyo, and it contains these two colors. 

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