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Does the rook move (A) diagonally or (B) horizontally and vertically?
Was Jimmy Carter a (A) democrat or a (B) republican?
Is Panama in (A) North America or (B) South America?
Which is hotter, a (A) blue star or a (B) red star?
Which is longer, a (A) meter or a (B) yard?
Are the Astros in the (A) National League or the (B) American League?
In math, does the y! mean (A) y to the y power or (B) y factorial?
Which witch was killed by Dorothy, the (A) Wicked Witch of the West or the (B) Wicked Witch of the East?
QuestionAnswer (A or B)
Which is hotter, 1 in (A) Celsius or (B) Fahrenheit?
When jump starting a car, does (A) the + go with the - and vice versa or (B) + with + and - with -?
Is the predicate of a sentence the (A) main noun or pronoun or the (B) what the noun or pronoun is doing?
When playing piano, does a # mean (A) sharp or (B) flat?
Did the Titanic (A) get lost in the ocean or (B) sink by hitting an iceberg?
Was Peter Pettigrew a (A) Gryffindor or a (B) Slytherin?
How many outs are in an inning of baseball, (A) 3 or (B) 6?
Was Romeo a (A) Montague or a (B) Capulet?

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