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Can you name the phrases, people, shows, or things each picture is representing?

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 photo 449CD82D-CC4E-4539-A746-210C62D60BB5_zps9mg9fmj8.jpg photo 5EC8D052-21D7-4F58-9CF6-F5D699895679_zpszcedog1t.jpg photo 3A7B8A18-E08F-4C2F-AABA-161373AB1BB6_zpsiilgonfw.jpg photo 13ECDE09-3C9D-4256-BC0C-5132E41482FD_zpsw8t52w5b.jpg photo 28F3AB15-F6F1-4147-995C-791DD7F0FFEC_zpssgpqg50f.jpg photo 7D41E140-E245-4CAD-9105-283A218582FF_zpsve7gjmbc.jpg photo A82A86AD-44BC-431D-830A-499EC656EBA7_zpsspcw8ord.jpg photo 0B799C95-3C87-4C13-88A1-5BE934A7D087_zpsppfmwpgw.jpg photo F0B2ECAA-A45D-4DA2-8749-DDB6DA5B341D_zpswzhgohhs.jpg photo 3E140845-08A4-4267-8183-163B1DBB633C_zpsywud7c62.jpg photo 2F14D460-CD6D-439D-B307-1E1BC843D4F4_zpsvujrgdz8.jpg photo 7CD2CF87-39FB-4B80-88B7-643289D95F44_zps3ljd4jvr.jpg photo 4B71B16C-CD91-4013-9976-966BF0713C59_zpsvrgj1vix.jpg photo DDA20153-F55A-4C96-8D1F-0C9F6A7EBB8E_zpswrocbkdk.jpg
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Phrase, Person, Show, or Thing
Phrase, Person, Show, or Thing

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