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How long does a Lure Module last?
How many candies are received for transferring a Pokémon?
How many Pokémon can be placed in a level 6 gym?
What percent of health is restored after a Pokémon is revived?
What type of Pokéball is unlocked at level 20?
What starter Pokémon can be secretly found?
Which team is the color red?
Who is the Professor that teachers players about the game?
How much damage does the Earthquake move do?
How many candies evolve a Pidgey?
How much HP does a hyper potion heal?
What is fed to Pokémon to calm them down?
What type of throw rewards a player with 50 XP?
What type of egg needs the most kilometers walked?
What is the only Pokémon that requires 400 candies to evolve?
Which team is lead by Spark?
How many items can a player hold without any bag storage upgrades?
How much HP does a potion heal?
What item allows double XP for 30 minutes?
What should a player name their Eevee to evolve it to a Vaporeon?

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