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Can you name the lines that follow the ones before it from ASDF?

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Forced Order
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I have no idea how to ______
Nice Hat! _______
Haha! I can't _____
Everybody do the _____
The Science Show! ________
It's a magical pony, flying through the sky! ______ _____ _____
Desmond The Moon Bear! How did ____ ____ ______?
I'm gonna do an internet! ____ _____ _____ _____ ___ ___
I'm gonna punch you in the face! But it's opposite day. _____ _____
It's an alien attack! _____ ______ ______!
Die _______
Hey son, ______!
____ ________ Activate!
I like singing, I like dancing, I like ______
Pointless _________ (Warning pointless)

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