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An aviation quiz about airliners (and airlines.) Can you answer all 20 questions?

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What is the world's most popular passenger jet?
What plane is notable for initally having problems with its cargo door?
What is the name of the world's first jet airliner?
What is the first American all-metal airliner?
Which airline has the largest fleet of Boeing 737's?
Which airline has the largest fleet of Boeing 747-400's?
How many passengers can an Airbus A380 carry with a three-class configuration?
What does 'STOL' stand for?
Which airline was the first to fly the Boeing 727?
Who is the Cessna Caravan's largest customer?
What is the world's first airliner to feature fly-by wire controls?
What airline was the last to operate the Boeing 707?
What is the largest airplane in the world?
Which aircraft manufacturer manufactures the TU-154?
Which airline serves Saba Airport?
Which major US airline ceased operations in 2015?
What is the world's largest twinjet aircraft?
The Orbital ATK Stargazer was developed from which airliner?
ANA (All Nippon Airways) was the first to fly which aircraft?
Which airline was the first to fly the Boeing 777?

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