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Can you name all of the aircraft instruments and components?

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A compartment located at the front of an aircraft where the pilots sit.
The body of an airplane.
This part of the aircraft generates lift and creates an aerodynamic shape.
These are are part of the wing of an aircraft and control turns.
These are part of the horizontal stabilizer and control the aircraft's pitch.
This is a part of the vertical stabilizer and control the aircraft's yaw.
Located on the wings, these help to create lift during takeoff and slow the airplane down during approach.
These slow an airplane down after touchdown.
The undercarriage of an aircraft.
This part of an aircraft generates thrust.
This is like a steering wheel and is located in the aircraft's cockpit.
This is the aircraft's main display located in the cockpit.
This instrument is used to measure the aircraft's altitude.
This instrument READS the aircraft's airspeed.
This component located on the outside of an aircraft MEASURES its airspeed.
This system is used to warn a pilot if an aircraft is getting too close.
These control/provide power to most of an aircraft's systems.

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