The Hobbit from beginning to end

Can you name the Hobbit from beginning to end Trivia ?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
The first word of the book the Hobbit
The main characters name of the Hobbit
Who comes knocking on the main character's door?
Who are the creatures who come after the first knocker?
What do they want him for?
What is the name of the dragon or worm thing that lies upon the hill where the dwarves use to stay ?
Who is the main dwarf?
Who is considered the fattest and slowest dwarf?
Does Bilbo accept the Task?
When Bilbo is late for meeting the dwarves what thing does he forget when he scurries off in a hurry?
What kind of creatures do they see Roasting Mutten?
What do the dwarves send Bilbo to do hidden from the Trolls?
What happens to Bilbo?
What do the Trolls do to the dwarves?
What happens to the trolls that allows the dwarves and Bilbo to escape?
What kind of weapon does Bilbo find in the troll's cave?
What thing does Gandalf the Grey give to Thorin Oakensheild?
What location or area do the Company of Dwarves, a wizard, and a hobbit come to after the cave?
What were the elves doing while the company came?
Who is the lead Elf in Rivendell?
What thing does elrond reveal about Thorin's map?
After they leave Rivendell what do they do when a storm strikes on a mountain?
what is Bilbo's dream when he sleeps in the cave?
What does Bilbo find out about the dream?
Down! Down! to Goblin Town! Is a thrase that is sung by the
What do the Goblins call thorins sword?
Before the goblin king bites thorins head what sword is slashed at him by gandalf?
While Bilbo rides on a dwarfs back he hits something in the dark and falls to the ground then follows a different path and finds what thing on the ground?
What is the name of the creature laying on the boat and loves the thing Bilbo finds?
The creature then pattles to Bilbo, for he wishes to eat him and by that he gambles a game of-------, to eat Bilbo?
Bilbo's final question asked to the creature is--------?
Golum then looses and gets furious, then tells Bilbo he needs to get something before he shows Bilbo the way out. Gollum looks for what thing to get?
What power does Bilbo find out the ring can do?
Golum thinks that Bilbo knows the way out so he actually leads Bilbo out of the cave himself what does Bilbo do to get around Golum
Bilbo gets stuck in the door and rips what to get out?
The Goblins then come out of the mountain and ride down on -------
The dwarves,Gandalf,and Bilbo then climb up what to get away from the goblins?
The goblins then burn what the company climbed up on and what saves them from the flames?
The dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo stay at the man who can into a bear house. What is the name of this man?
When the company comes near the entrance of Mirkwood who tells them he is leaving?
What does Gandalf tell the company once they come to the entrance of Mirkwood, to stay on?
What happens to Bilbo when he slept by a tree in mirkwood?
What creature came at Bilbo once he got up?
What did Bilbo then name his dagger or large knife?
Bilbo Finds the Dwarves tied up in what after the spider incident he encountered?
Biblo uses what so he is not seen by the Spiders?
Bilbo throws what at the Spiders?
Which dwarf nearly does'nt make it out alive?
Bilbo holds off the spiders while the dwarves run. What 2 things does he use to hold the spiders off?
When Bilbo looks for the dwarves he finds that they have been captured by the------
The wood elve king then puts Thorin and the dwarves in prisonment so Bilbo uses what to get the keys to unlock them?
Bilbo hatches a clever idea to get out of the Wood elves Kingdom without beeing seen, by putting the dwarves in-------- and himself on top of a --------
After the dwarves and Bilbo come to lake town they travel to the mountain where smaug lives. What is the name of this Mountain?
The dwarves and Bilbo wait a long time once they find the secret entrance to the mountain, though can't find the way to open it. What eventually causes the door to open?
Once the door opens the dwarves send Bilbo to go and do some--------
What is the first thing Bilbo steals from smaug's lair?
When Bilbo was talking to smaug how come smaug could not see Bilbo?
When all the dwarves and Bilbo go in this time, why is smaug not there. Remember smaug said he would punish the people of --------- for bringing a thief. What is it that smaug does
Who Finally Kills Smaug by shooting him in smaug's one weak spot
What is the Artifact Thorin Oakenshield searches for in the lonely mountain?
Once the dwarves finally think everthing is theirs and right, goblins, men,wargs and wood elves try to claim some of the treasure as well. Though Thorin does not share, instead thi
Which two dwarves that were Thorin's nephews died during the battle?
Which dwarf died shortly after the war?
Who appeared again after the battle?
Where did Bilbo go back to after his adventure?
If you Liked this Game look For the Fellowship of the ring from begining to end also. Now Answer 'The End' to finish the Quiz

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