Lotr- The fellow ship of The ring- full story

Can you name the The Fellowship of the ring from begining to end, trivia ?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
What is the name of the Person who created the Ring of Power?
Where is the ring forged?
In the battle of the last alliance, what two races join together for a final attempt to defeat Sauron?
Who is Isildors father?
Who defeats Sauron?
Isildor calls what his precious?
Later Isildor gets attacked and killed by a raid of orcs. What is the name of the creature who finds the ring of power?
What is the name of the Hobbit who finds the ring next?
How old is Bilbo turining on the day of his party in the fellowship of the ring?
What did Bilbo do at the end of his birthday speech?
What does Bilbo leave Frodo?
Frodo comes to Bag end looking for Bilbo and finds he is not there. What does Frodo find on the doorstep?
What does Frodo find out about the ring, when it is thrown in fire
What does Frodo sell to leave the Shire without so many rumors?
Who travels with Frodo to his new house?
On their way to Frodo's new house a strange dark figure appears. What is the name of this dark figure?
Frodo, Sam, and Pippin see what kind of creatures on the rode?
The wraith comes after them once more. To escape who's house do the hobbits stay at? (this person has dogs)
Once the Hobbits get to Frodo's new house what other hobbit is there waiting for them?
Frodo soon tells everyone the truth about him and the ring and destroying it. Did the rest of the company accept to help Frod and his quest?
What forest do the hobbits take to stay away from the wraiths?
What tree keeps hold of Merry, and Pippin?
Who comes skipping down the forest road and frees Merry and Pippin with a song or melodie?
What forest does this person who freed them live?
What captures the group of Hobbits across the Barrows Down?
Who Frees the hobbits, by killing the Barrows while singing?
What dark figures chase the hobbits while they are on their way to the dock?
What is the name of the town or village that the hobbits stop at?
What is the name of the Inn the hobbits stay at?
What is the name of the stranger that had been starring at the hobbits as soon as they came in the Inn?
The hobbits stay with Strider for the night in his room at the Inn. What dark figures are after the hobbits and that merry sees as he goes out side?
The hobbits and Strider plan to leave very early in the morning. Although a few things mess up their plans, What is the name of the horse they buy?
The hobbits and Strider plan to travel to where?
The hobbits stop at a mountain to stay for the night. though the hobbits make some food while Strider is gone and Frodo is asleep. Which makes what come after them?
One of the Nazgul stab Frodo with a morgul blade which posions him and he will soon become--------?
Strider fights off all the nazgul which are burned by-------?
Frodo rides off to Rivendel with the Nazgul behind him. What kind of animals are made out of waves to defeat the Nazgul?
Who is the High Elf and ruler of Rivendel?
Who does Frodo find at Rivendel? (This person left the shire a while before Frodo)
What is the name of the dagger Bilbo gives Frodo?
Sting turns what color when enemies are near?
Who decides to take the ring to Mordor?
What is the name of the Dwarf that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
What is the name of the ranger that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
What is the name of the Elf that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
What is the name of the Wizard that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
What is the name of the Gondorion that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
What is the name of the hobbits that decides to help Frodo in his quest?
As the Company of men, elf, dwarf, wizard, and hobbits travel spies from isengard come from the sky. What kind of animal are the spies?
Sauruman makes snow plow down on the company where does Frodo decide to go to get away from the strom? (Gimli offers to go here many times)
Once the company reaches the door of Moria, Gandalf forgets the word to open the door. What is the secret word to open the door? (This is the Elvish word for----)
When they get in the mines they find that the ------- that used to live there were killed by Goblins.
The Watcher of the Water grabs who with its tentacle?
Frodo then gets free and the watcher traps the company in the mines. What does Gandalf use as a light as they go through the mines?
Frodo thinks he hears-------- behind them while they go through the mines?
Frodo finds out that --------- is folowing them.
The company enters the room where the tomb of ------- is there.
Pippin accidentally makes a pile of chains fall down a well. which makes a loud noise which is followed by a sound of drums from the ------------- .
Sting soon lights up which means------ are coming.
What kind of giant creature do the Goblins have with them?
Frodo is saved my a --------- vest when stabed by the troll.
What is the creature that even a army of Goblins are scared of and run off?
What are the famous words that Gandalf says before he takes down the Balrog?
Gandalf brings down the Balrog though in the process who falls as well?
All the company then head to woods and get caught by elves and won't let them in unless; who gets blind folded?
Galadriel askes Frodo to look into the ------- .
Galadriel gives frodo the Light of ------ .
Galadriel gives sam a ------ .
The Company leaves the elves on what? (It floats on water)
The Company paddles pas the ----- of kings or gates of------.
Who is following them and washes up at night on shore on a log.
Frodo once again hears footsteps and thinks he sees yellow eyes in the night. who offers Frodo to take night shifts to make sure Gollum does not try to attack.
While the company is traveling, Sauraman is building a army of ------. What is the name of the species of orc that Sauraman is sending to cature the halflings (Frodo, Sam, Merry, P
Frodo goes off exploring, while ------ is collecting fire wood. Who tries to take the ring from Frodo? (This person is the one collecting fire wood)
What does Frodo put on to escape from Boromir?
Aragorn finds Frodo who just escaped from Boromir. Though then the Uruk- Ki are among them so Aragorn tells ------- to run?
While Frodo gets is hidding from the Uruk- Ki ----and---- distract the Uruk- Ki so Frodo can escape.
What is the name of the Uruk-Ki captain? (This name is never mentioned in the book but is known and appears in video games and pictures, and the movie)
Lurtz shoots Boromir who fights to the death to save Merry and Pippin but fails. Who comes and kills Lurtz?
Frodo tries to leave by himself though ------- forces Frodo to let him come with.
Merry and Pippin have been taken by the Uruk- Ki and everyone else besides them and Frodo and Sam are traveling to Mordor. Though -------- is still following them behind.

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