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Can you name the weapons of the Resistance series (Console Only)?

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Fire ModesWeaponGame Debuted
.303 Winchester Rounds/40mm GrenadesResistance: Fall of Man
Plasma Burst/Homing TagResistance: Fall of Man
Shotgun Shell/Double Barrel ShotResistance: Fall of Man
Radiation Sabot/Force BarrierResistance: Fall of Man
.303Mk10 Rounds/Neural CircuitryResistance: Fall of Man
Subsonic Bolts/Auto-TurretResistance: Fall of Man
Organic Mines/DetonationResistance: Fall of Man
Rocket/Air Brake/ShreddersResistance: Fall of Man
Plasma Bolts/Plasma BoltsResistance: Fall of Man
Electrical Arc/Ion BurstResistance: Fall of Man
Flames/Fuel CloudResistance: Fall of Man
Explosive Pack/SplitResistance: Fall of Man
Shrapnel (Grenade)Resistance: Fall of Man
Fire ModesWeaponGame Debuted
Spines (Grenade)Resistance: Fall of Man
Flames (Grenade)Resistance: Fall of Man
Shield (Grenade)Resistance: Fall of Man
Glycerin .44/DetonationResistance 2
Energy Beam/Concussive BlastResistance 2
Ion Burst/Remote DroneResistance 2
40mm Grenade/Napalm CanisterResistance 2
HVAP Rounds/Force BarrierResistance 2
Saw Blades/Revved ShotResistance 2
Energy Drain/Healing BlastResistance 2
Marauder Necrotixin (Grenade)Resistance 2
Proximity Explosive (Grenade)Resistance 2

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